Our mission is to give people peace of mind when choosing and using health insurance.


Building Trust

Building relationships through trust with people, communities, and organizations is the touchstone of everything we do. 


We are open to sharing, receiving feedback, having open lines of communication on our experiences and accomplishments.


Taking part in our community, shared conversations, connecting with others, and working together to achieve common goals is our approach.

Being A Resource

Providing guidance, support, and solutions in our priority.


We believe in the dignity of every person and take great pride in serving diverse and inclusive communities and organizations.


We provide an empathic ear, listening to those who are in need, and practicing the “Golden Rule.”

A Letter from Greg Town, CEO of Pride Life, LLC

Most of the time, a letter from a CEO is short and is filled with bullet points, and that is typically how I communicate but not this time.  I have been fortunate to have a long and successful history advocating for the “underserved” particularly for people with HIV/AIDS.

In the mid-1990s, I had been working as an insurance professional for a decade.  At the time, our nation was grappling with a deadly public health crisis, the AIDS epidemic. Those stricken with AIDS not only were fighting for their lives, but they also faced staggering costs of medications that could prolong their lives.

Insurance was used in a new way to provide cash for medications and treatment.  I used my experience and energy to work as an advocate for these clients.  My single goal was to help lift their financial burden and give them the opportunity to live their lives with dignity and survive the AIDS epidemic. The simple principle of the “Golden Rule” was my guide.

It was especially gratifying to be there when the new medications turned the tide in the AIDS epidemic.  Today, advocacy continues to be our highest priority in serving the underserved.  Pride Life serves as a trusted partner to many Ryan White Community Based Organizations working together to address the needs of the HIV/AIDS community.

Two decades later, a new and growing “uninsured” crisis emerged in the United States as some 44.4 million people were uninsured by 2013. Most affected by this crisis were people who had pre-existing conditions and the working poor. In 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was in full swing and began to transform the health insurance market. Recognizing the extraordinary impact this change would have on so many people’s lives, we “dug in” with a new focus of helping individuals with pre-existing conditions find access to affordable health insurance they deserved.

We are proud of our work helping individuals and families who need it most, focusing on serving the underserved.  Health insurance affordability remains one of the most significant barriers to care for many Americans.  Pride Life works to reduce financial barriers helping individuals and families find accessible, affordable health insurance. We are proud that our efforts result in healthier communities and lives.  So, what is unique about how we approach our work?  My answer is simple: we practice the “Golden Rule.”

We look forward to serving you, your family, and your community.

Stronger together,


We Serve:


  • Justice Involved Individuals & Organizations
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)
  • Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
  • Ryan White Programs

Individuals & Families Independently

  • Individuals not offered coverage at work
  • People Living with disabilities
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid

Employer Resources for Individuals & Families

  • Part-timers not offered coverage
  • Dependents Age 26 aging off parent’s plan
  • Working seniors – Alternatives
  • Dependent Coverage Subsidies
  • Employment Transitions

We Educate:

  • Staff & Client Education
  • Health Insurance 101
  • How to use Wellness Benefits
  • Eligibility & Enrollment Periods
  • ACA & Market Updates
  • Regulatory Updates
  • American Rescue Plan Act 2021